Token accidentally deleted for a user.

Token accidentally deleted for a user.

To resolve this issue followed these steps.

(1) Open a ticket and provide the token serial number to SurePassID Technical Support (SPTS)
(2) SPTS will add the token to your account.
(3) You will then assign the token to the user that the token was deleted from
(4) Find the last failed authentication for that token in the audit trail and save the last failed OTP
(5) Click on Tokens tab and perform a search for the token
(6) Click Edit to edit the token
(7) Press the Synchronize button on the button bar to open the Synchronize Token form
(9) Set the Sync Window to 999, and enter the OTP captured in step (4) and press the Synchronize button
(10) If you get as message that the token is synchronized then you are done. If you get any other message you will need to contact support for further detailed investigation.
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