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How do I deploy Windows Login Manager (WLM) using an MSI in silent install mode

Need to deploy the basic WLM setup to machines using a silent install vs script or GPO

Click here to download the WLM MSI installer.

Once you have downloaded the MLM MSI file, extract the contents from the download. Then, you can proceed with the silent installation of the WLM using the following command.

msiexec /i SurePassIDWindowsLogonMFADeploy_V2.msi /qb! /quiet /l*v install.log

Including the log parameter is not required. The assumption is that the MSI file is located in the current directory.

The installation process will place the DLL file in the Windows\System32 directory and register it as a login provider. However, it won't automatically include the necessary "CredProv" settings or enforce the use of the login provider. Instead, it will simply make it available as an option for users to choose from.

To ensure the login provider functions properly, it is important to include the SurePassID configuration settings in the CredProv section located at Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SurePassId\CredProv. This step is necessary for the login provider to work correctly.