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How do I generate and assign a bypass code for WLM?

Bypass codes are generated by SurePassID's Configuration Manager for WLM:

1. Open the Configuration Manager and locate the Set Master Passcode Override option. Make sure you select the option to enable the Allow Master Passcode Override and enter a 10 number/letter/special character combination that will be used.

2. By selecting Save, the hash is written into the registry in the CredProv section as shown below:

Located at - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SurePassId\CredProv

3. You can export the credprov section and then import it into a target machine, or you can take the hash value and push it into the registry via a GPO or similar.   Once the hash value is placed into the registry on the machine, the bypass code can be used in place of an OTP on the machine.