How do I troubleshoot a "Runtime Error"?

This error may show for any .Net based application that has a web.config file such as the following SurePassID systems:

  • Admin Console/Administrative Portal
  • SAML2 IdP
  • OpenID Connect IdP
  • Office 365 IdP

This "Runtime Error" as shown below can occur for a number of reasons. 

For security reasons, this error message is a generic .net error.  To reveal the underlying issue, you will need to edit the web.config file for the failing SurePassID  application and change the configuration settings. Please follow these instructions:   

  1. Locate the web.config for the application that is receiving the error.  This is typically located in the root folder of the application.
  2. Make a back-up copy of the web.config so you can rollback/restore the existing web.config if necessary. 
  3. Set the customErrors mode=“On” to customErrors mode=“Off”, then try the operation again. This will allow you to see a more specific and detailed error message that will give you a better understanding of what the fault might be.
    Troubleshoot and make any corrections necessary.
  4. Set  customErrors mode=“On” to customErrors mode=“Off”. This avoids revealing any useful detail to a potential threat actor should any other errors be detected and reported.
  5. Make the changes required to correct the issue.  If you are uncertain how to correct the issue you can open a ticket with support.