How do I convert my token seed values from hexadecimal to base32?

SurePassID offers token seeds in hexadecimal format that can be effortlessly imported into our MFA server. If you require assistance in converting your hexadecimal seed values to base32 (or base64), there are numerous resources available through a quick Google search.

There are websites that allow you to paste your seed values and convert them for you. However, it is important to note that by doing this, your secret keys will no longer be secret, and your tokens will lose their value as a security measure. It is strongly advised not to paste your secret keys into any external website under any circumstances.

If you need to convert your seed files to a different format, it is recommended to use simple scripting code like PowerShell or Python that can be executed on your computer. You can either find sample code to perform the conversion or write it yourself. Once the conversion process is finished, you can import the converted seeds into your preferred system. To ensure the security of the converted seeds, it is important to re-encrypt them and store them in a secure location where unauthorized access is prevented.

Once we securely deliver the token seeds to you, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their security. It is crucial to keep them safe because if they are lost, they cannot be replaced.