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What is the script to update the SurePassID Windows Logon Manager (WLM) .DLL at startup?

To distribute an updated SurePassID WLM .DLL file to windows systems in a domain:

The text below should be put into a bat file and reference as a startup script to be used to pull down our most current Windows Login Manager DLL and place it in the c:\windows\system32 folder. Note that the script checks to see if there is already a DLL in the c:\tmp folder in case you want to update the DLLs with a version not pulled down directly from the web. It will also check to see if there is already an updatesp.log file and if so, it will skip updating the file since it has already been run. Removing the .log file or the entire c:\tmp folder will result in the script running to completion again on next startup.

Clip the below text into a bat file:

md c:\tmp
cd c:\tmp 
if exist updatesp.log goto end else goto continue 
del /q sp*.txt 
Echo %DATE% %TIME%>>updatesp.log 
if not exist SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll ( 
curl https://downloads.surepassid.com/patches/SPPATCH_WLM_DLL.zip -o spdll.zip 
tar -xf spdll.zip ) 
xcopy /Y SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll c:\windows\system32\SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll 
fc c:\windows\system32\SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll>>updatesp.log 
dir sure*.dll>>updatesp.log 
del /q SurePassIdCredentialProviderV2.dll 
if exist spdll.zip (del /q spdll.zip)