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How do I setup WLM for RDP?

For RDP session hosts, the WLM install is the same as for a workstation or server.

  • Put the WLM DLL into c:\windows\system32 on the session host(s)
  • Import the settings from the Register .reg file and the exported settings from the SurePassID CredProv section from the working testing machine(s)
  • Optionally, import the Enforce setting to send all Windows login requests through the SurePassID WLM and MFA server authentication system.

As always, test on a non-production system if at all possible and be ready to back out the registry settings should there by an issue.   We do recommend having a known bypass code (Master Passcode Override) on the machines being test.  The above can be done via group policy as well.

Please note that our settings are computer and not user settings, so they do apply to all users signing into the computer.